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Executive Chef Harold J Howard III Biography
Chef  Harold Howard has been cooking for the past 21 years.  Skipping formal training, Chef Harold traveled throughout Southeast Asia for 3 years learning from the best Chef's in Thailand, the countryside cooks and street vendors.  He also served a 2 year apprenticeship under Chef Deller Nesmith and 2 year apprenticeship under Thai Chef Toasompong. Originally from Los Angeles, California, he spent 1 year in Baja Mexico learning authentic Mexican Cuisine and lived in Thailand for 3 years.
He combines a unique combination of his grandmother’s traditional Classic Southern Cuisine with the distinct flavors of Thailand and Mexico.  
He has cooked for clients such as Usher, Cleveland Cavalier basketball star Delonte West, Former DeKalb County Judge R. Joy Walke, Former Mayor of Marietta, William Dunaway, Atlanta Housewife's Star Dwight Eubanks  along with many others. 
"This is the best restaurant that has come in Marietta in the past 10 years!"
William Dunaway
Former Mayor of Marietta
Owner of the 1848 House
"The food is amazing"
Dwight Eubanks
Atlanta Housewifes
Just one bite of my food and you will be smitten! Cooking is my passion and I am sure you will enjoy my distinctive and unique creations." Please indulge your taste buds and try the Masani  Experience. I guarantee that you will "Taste the Love!"                                                                                                     -Chef Howard
Village Cooking in Thailand
Village Cooking in Thailand
Chef Howard learned to cook his unique and distinctive Thai style by spending over 2 years cooking in Thailand on traditional outdoor stoves. The picture to the right is Chef Howard cooking in a village in Thailand.